Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lingerie and the Art of Seduction

When women think about seduction, what usually comes to their mind is how to seduce their boyfriend, husband or their future conquest... I think that they should seduce themselves before trying to seduce someone else. To love oneself is the first step towards successful seduction.

So what is seduction? In my view, it is related to attitude, behaviour, posture, look; being somewhat mysterious and charming. It is also a display of sensuality through the clothes a woman wears, without falling into vulgarity, with garments that will leave her partner with a burning desire to see the rest.

Lingerie, for example, is every woman's great ally in the art of seduction, because it can stir the imagination up to incredible levels. We, women, are usually more concerned with what dress or trousers we wear than anything else. Sometimes, we forget an important piece of the jigsaw - lingerie - which, despite being hidden by clothing, expresses our femininity and makes us more confident and powerful.

For example, if you have a job interview or an important business meeting, try wearing a black corset or other sexy underwear underneath your business suit. You will be the only one to know it. This action, I am sure, will make you feel self-confident, more relaxed, and certainly leave a good impression.

Once you feel good about yourself, you will have more professional and personal success; this is the real power of seduction. It is in the human nature to use weapons to attract. Therefore, when it comes down to lingerie, women should abuse of lace, frills and varied colors, with bras that will enhance and give more volume to the breasts whilst providing the sexiest cleavage, without, of course, giving up on comfort and quality.

Women in general like sophistication, such as satin that brings lightness of touch with sensuality. However do not hesitate to push the boundaries of your imagination. When you seduce your partner or husband, remember that men are more visual than women. Do not expect that he will observe the details of the embroidery of your bra, but most certainly will he look at the whole picture. Therefore take full advantage of all colors available.

It is obvious that, before making any action, either for yourself or for someone else, it is worth remembering that the important thing is to feel good about yourself. Then, the personality and image of self-confidence that you will display will guarantee the success of your seduction ability.


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